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Gifted, Talented, Humanitarian

Washington Square Academy at a Glance

Emphasis on STEM, Writing, and Executive Functioning Skills
Small Class Sizes With Individualized Student Attention
Scholastic Art and Writing Gold Key Award-Winning School

At Washington Square Academy, we provide gifted and talented students in Grades 4 – 8 with a transformative education in the thriving, urban setting of Brookline, Massachusetts. Students receive academically-rigorous instruction in small, seminar-like classes from some of the region’s most accomplished teachers. Daily interactions with similarly-gifted peers allow students to intellectually thrive.

Where Washington Square Academy’s program differs from many other similarly rigorous programs is in its emphasis on students’ social-emotional well-being as a corollary to their accelerated academic growth. We recognize that, given their gifts, students at WSA will in all likelihood become the next generation of leaders, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, and innovators. When that happens, we want them to be not only personally healthy and happy but also mindful of the humanitarian effects of their actions and decisions.

Students at WSA therefore receive instruction in the principles of social-emotional well-being and human connection alongside their academic studies. These principles pertain to a wide range of skills. Some involve interacting at the personal level (conversing; listening; empathizing; demonstrating essential good manners; considering alternative points of view). Others involve self-care and understanding (practicing mindfulness; recognizing the difference between healthy and unhealthy levels of stress; acquiring strategies for dealing with negative emotions; adopting a habit of gratitude; finding joy in trifles; having fun; expressing themselves creatively; recognizing and accepting human fallibility–and learning to forgive!). Yet others pertain to making a difference at the societal level (engaging in charitable and philanthropic activities; fund-raising; applying abstract academic knowledge and skills to real-world problems). In our experience, as students begin to master these skills, they increasingly thrive as humans while simultaneously giving themselves permission to take intellectual flight.

Our day-school program for students in Grades 4 – 8 is supplemented by numerous evening and summer programs for all local students in Grades 2 – 12. We encourage you to explore our site and to discover how much we have to offer.

Please reach out if you need additional information. Thank you! We look forward to seeing you on our campus.




Jenny Ho
Founder, CEO, & Head of School


Karen Baynes, Ed.D.
Director of Operations & Family-School Liaison

Group of students sitting at desks in classroom setting.

Rigorous Honors Program

Our teachers are passionate about their subjects and committed to ensuring that all students master the content and skills needed to succeed in school, the workforce, and life. Above all, we never underestimate the capacity of students to achieve and comprehend. Newtonian Physics for middle schoolers? You bet! With the help of that most wonderful of human attributes, neuroplasticity, students learn how they can access even the most abstruse of concepts.


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Gandhi
One of the many goals of education is self-discovery; another is helping to secure the common good. Engaging in philanthropy accomplishes both of those goals. For this reason, we weave both the spirit and the practice of charitable giving into as many of our learning activities as possible. Students are encouraged to use their academic and interpersonal skills to help those in need and generally to promote the betterment of society. Activities include researching issues; writing proposals; designing and carrying out projects; and organizing fund-raising events. All WSA students graduate with a vision of themselves as both present and future philanthropists.

Two students engaged in blanket making activity.
Students engaged in authentic hands-on learning experience with teacher.

Authentic Learning

Students are encouraged to identify real-world problems, both global and local, and to create solutions to those problems through the application of academic knowledge and skills. Students then endeavor to implement their solutions on some scale, large or small, by establishing connections with, and seeking the support of, leaders in business, higher education, and government.


Creative expression is central to the growth and development of all humans–especially young ones! Frequent opportunities to engage in creative pursuits are known to promote confidence, social-emotional well-being, and critical thinking skills in adolescents. For this reason, students at WSA are regularly encouraged to respond to and supplement their understanding of the academic content through visual art, story-telling, acting, gaming, and music.

Students engaged in a fun and creative project.


We believe that greatness is not born but made! Learning activities are designed to give agency to students not only as learners but also as citizens with the ability to effect positive social change. We strive to build confidence in our students through collaborative learning activities with gradually-increasing expectations for assuming leadership roles. After helping students to recognize their capacity for leadership within the safety of the classroom, we encourage them to seek ways to serve as leaders within the local community–and beyond!

Motivation & Engagement

Learning truly comes to life as our students conduct lab experiments; present their work to peers, teachers, and local professionals; engage in dramatic role-play of historical figures; apply academic knowledge and skills to game design and play; and much more! Guest speakers from universities, businesses, and other professional environments frequently deliver interactive presentations to students about topics in their respective fields and about the paths they took to succeed in their chosen careers.

Students engaged in hands-on project with peers.

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