``Our experience with Washington Square Academy has been incredible for our children and family. Jenny Ho and her teaching staff are not only highly knowledgeable and extraordinarily talented in making learning fun, but they are patient and truly care about their students as family. My children have been inspired to learn more, to ask questions, and it’s been beautiful to see their excitement and joy at going to school each morning. Washington Square Academy’s hands-on- learning and personalized approach motivates my children to dig deeper into the subject matter in ways that helps them learn more effectively. Jenny Ho and her dedicated and dynamic W.S.A staff are a true godsend.``
Chris C. Happy Parent
``This school has been transformational for our two kids- 6th and 7th grade. At their elementary school, one was struggling and the other was bored. Jenny, Amma and Tami have engaged them in ways we never expected to the point where they run out the door in the morning to get to school early and they stay at least an hour after school almost every day because they want to. They have grown to love learning and the process of learning, something we thought might never happen. Not only that but they are challenged and continue to grow - every day. It’s not easy but the way they teach, even though the material is advanced - the kids put everything into it and the teachers don’t let them get away with being lazy or distracted. I cannot imagine my kids at any other school that would prepare them better for high school than this one. My husband and I thank our lucky stars every day that our kids are able to be part of this school.``
Leslie S. Happy Parent